Boardwalk Blitz / Skate & Rock event


Hey guys, I am thrilled to let you all know that my team has had the opportunity to help guide and set up this up and coming Boardwalk Blitz event in September and we need your help to make this thing fly. There are lots of churches coming out to participate and jump on the train. If you want to join us in taking over Santa Cruz for Jesus, then hit me up and lets do this!

Here is the official boardwalk blurb with details about the event:

“Prepare to GET STOKED during this incredible overnight event featuring a live concert with Manafest, inspiring speakers, incredible testimonies, a cool skate ramp, and Boardwalk fun!

Boardwalk Beach Blitz brings together Jr. High and High School ministries – away from everyday influences and distractions – for a chance to encounter God and fellowship with other teens from all over Northern California. This event is designed to meet you where you are on your Christian path- whether you’re seeking to strengthen your relationship or you’d like to learn more about Jesus Christ.”

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